A Response to the Open Letter from Sixty American Intellectuals

There is nothing worse than violating moral values such as freedom and peace, except that the elite g

Has Anything Changed?

When the Zionist forces fired on the Muslim crowds in the precincts of the Aqsa, it was a proclamation of the coup de grace of the peace process, that miscarriage whose difficult birth was delayed for several years. When Israeli helicopters bombed some of Arafat’s Palestinian authority&rsq

False Messiahs

America, as Edward Said says, is more occupied with religion than any other nation, and in America there is a totally mad fundamentalist current that seeks to hasten the second-coming of Christ, and who are prepared to do the stupidest thing in the world in order to achieve it.

And what c

Islamic Vision of Prophecy

The future is known only to Allah, but in His infinite wisdom, He allows some of His servants to see some future events. The greatest means of seeing the future is through revelation, which is restricted to the prophets —may Allah’s peace and blessings be on them; true dreams, which